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Summer CAMP

Kiss Your Brain is not your average tutoring center. We provide a wealth of enrichment through our seasonal-themed camps. Students attend the themed camps and receive enthusiastic lessons filled with standards-based learning and fun for all ages. 

Camps we currently offer support the following:

Phonics-Based Reading- We currently use a phonics-based reading approach that incorporates working memory and auditory processing for Reading comprehension.

Math Maniacs- We ensure students are learning the basics! We learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. We teach strategies for word problem-solving. 

Enrichment Classes- provides students with craft projects, gaming, acting, STEM classess, and so much more!

Foundation Learning- students are given a learning experience similar to a Montessori approach with hands-on learning at their own pace. We cover all core subjects.

Exploratory Learning Approach-Students are taken on learning excursions designed to intrigue, inspire, and support their growth.

Reading Challenge- Students are encouraged to participate in the reading challenge offered through our local library. Weekly library visits are done in groups.

SUMMER CAMP- Face 2 Face

June 5- July 28- Minimum 6 weeks enrollment

$50 Non-refundable registration fee-

Paid via Venmo-@chasity-carr-1 or Zelle- 225-390-7256

Must bring Lunchbox daily

Optional Money for Canteen (Items range from 0.50-$1.00)

Option 1: Entire Summer Prepay- $1280

Option 2: Entire Summer Weekly Payment- $160

Option 3: Individual Weeks- $200

Option 4: Half Day-$100

Location: 1056 E. Worthy Suite A Drive Gonzales, LA 70737

Virtual Summer Tutoring 

June 5-July 28- Minimum 6 weeks enrollment

$50 Non-refundable registration fee

Paid via Venmo-@chasity-carr-1 or Zelle- 225-390-7256

Option 1: Steve Carter Grant- Billing to State

Option 2: $80 p/week for 2 hrs

Option 3: $120 p/week for 3 hrs

Option 4: $160 p/week for 4 hrs

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